Story Time

12 Jul

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I often have a hard time with reality. As a child, people called it an “overactive imagination.” I would see magic and intrigue in the most mundane of household objects. I secretly hoped I was adopted because it meant there was a possibility my real parents were sorcerers. I wanted my parents to send me to boarding school so I could have adventures with other kids. Find secret rooms and caves. Stumble upon a world unseen by adults. I firmly believed I would learn to fly at some point. This mind of mine also kept me up at night. In the shadows of my room, lurked the creepy and crawly. Ghosts were outside my window, just waiting for me to close my eyes. I won’t embarrass myself by telling you at what late age I stopped sneaking into my parents’ bedroom so I wouldn’t be alone.

As I grew up…

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Not So Great Expectations

6 Jul

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I’ve been feeling a little stuck, a little frustrated, a little claustrophobic. Most of these feelings have to do with the feeling that my life is in the hands of other people. People who make plans then change them. People who fail to get back to me. People who get busy, get involved, get jobs in other cities. People who make decisions without consulting me. Basically, people being people living their lives and not mine. But my life is affected.

I may have felt this way, but I, sigh, know better. I know that having a large control over one’s life is and illusion. We may expect to sit in the sun with our morning coffee. Then it rains. We may believe we will make our 10am meeting. Then the bus is late. The dog/child/significant other gets sick. We may be absolutely convinced that there is no one out there…

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Just (not) perfect

2 Jul


29 Jun

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My heart beats

My heart seeks

My heart leaps

My heart sings

My heart soars

It soars.

My heart wakes

My heart aches

My heart clenches

My heart closes

My heart falls

It falls.

Into the dirt

Into the garbage

Into the forgotten

It is forgotten

I have forgotten

But my heart does not forget

May I remember

And may I feel

So it may beat

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Imperfect Practice

22 Jun

Desi Girl:

From my other blog. Namaste Sunday.

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I’m out of practice.

The culmination of my yoga teacher training coincided with the start of my new job. I went from practicing nearly every day to trying to squeak in an hour or two over the weekend. At first, I gave myself a break. I, a person whose old job supported going to bed at 3am and waking up at 10, had gotten into worse habits in the several months between jobs. It was not uncommon for me walk my dog at 4am so she’d let me sleep until noon. So, I had a lot of adjusting to do to get myself up at 6:30am. I was also commuting an hour each way. Thank goodness for the company shuttle…to have me driving in the morning was an endangerment to everyone on the road, as well as any nearby trees. Then it was the job itself. Working from home for…

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Father’s Day

15 Jun

Desi Girl:

Happy Father’s Day, dad!

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No surprise to people who have read my previous posts that I’m very close to mine. I’m him especially today as instead of being across the country, he’s half way across the world.

My father is the oldest of seven. There were five sisters and almost two decades between he and his brother. His father was rarely around and his mother, when she wasn’t pregnant, was constantly catering to the seemingly endless number of relatives. So my dad and the eldest sister raised most of the others. She made sure they went to school and he set his sights on providing for them, financially. My maternal grandmother warned my mother that to marry my father was to take on the responsibility of his family (happily, she still agreed). Shortly after he married my mom, my dad’s father passed away, truly making him the head of his family. He helped many…

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Like Daughter, Like Father

1 Jun

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I take after my father in many ways and he has taught me so much in my life. Yesterday, I found myself in one of those disconcerting, yet increasingly familiar, situations grown children have with their parents. I had experienced a challenge before he did and was able to impart my learning to a man who, for the longest time, I believed knew all.

Last Christmas, I gave my father the gift of yoga. I bought him a season pass at an Iyengar Yoga studio in the area. My dad is an engineer and I thought he would benefit and enjoy the precision and focus on alignment. He goes once a week, practices daily and I’m pretty sure it’s one of the best gifts I’ve given to him. But it’s not without its challenges. The hardest being the mental ones.

I asked him yesterday how it was going and he…

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